Welcome to
Bornholm's Defence Museum

Welcome to Bornholm's Defence Museum

The museum displays a unique collection of historical artefacts from the island’s military history ranging from the 17th century to the present day.

A large part of the museum is focused on the history of the local Danish military units, but the museum’s exhibition on the Second World War includes leftovers from the German and Soviet occupations – incl. weapons, uniforms and a German Enigma encryption device (known from such films as ‘The Imitation Game’ and ‘U-571’).

Opening Hours

Wednesday-Saturday: 10AM-4PM

Sunday-Tuesday: Closed

Public holidays: Closed

Season: May 3 – October 21 2023.

Ticket Prices

Adults: 85 DKK

Pensioner: 65 DKK

Veterans (with ID): 50 DKK

Youths (aged 6-16): 40 DKK

Children (under 6): Free


Bornholms Forsvarsmuseum

Arsenalvej 8

3700 Rønne

Free parking in front of the museum.

Bornholm - An Island in a Sea of Conflicts

Throughout history, Bornholm has been a vital pawn in the power play between kingdoms, great powers, empires, and superpowers. The island has been invaded several times and experienced occupations by Swedes, Germans, and Russians.

At Bornholm’s Defence Museum, you can learn more about the military history of the island and experience a unique collection of military objects, buildings and vehicles.

By visiting our museum you can experience the following…

Uniforms from the 18th century to the present

View a unique collection of colourful uniforms from the 18th Century to the present day camouflage patterns of the Danish military.

The museum exhibits uniforms, hats, helmets, medals and other military equipment from the Danish, German, Soviet and American military. All related to their service on the island of Bornholm.

Swords, sabers and daggers from the Danish military

Bornholm’s Defence Museum exhibits a beautiful collection of swords, daggers, knives and bayonets from all branches of the Danish armed forces.

See our collection of Danish military vehicles

Visitors can view a collection of military vehicles in the museum’s courtyard. Each vehicle’s history relates to service with a Danish military unit on Bornholm. However, the collection also features well-known American vehicles like the M24 tank and a converted scout Humvee.

Visit the Museum's historical buildings

The ‘Kastellet’ (English: Citadel) is part of Rønne town’s fortification and the museum. Built by order of the Danish King Christian IV during the period of 1679-1684.

The citadel is 10 meters in height and is protected by 3½ meter thick walls. Although it resembles Bornholm’s round churches in design, the design is borrowed from Mediterranean fortress types.

During its 300 years, it has been both a fortress, a plaque quarantine area and a radio station.

See a real Enigma Machine from World War 2

One of the most famous artefacts in our collection is the Enigma Machine from The Second World War.

The Germans used this sophisticated machine to encrypt and decrypt messages between headquarters in the occupied countries, uboots in the Atlantic and army commanders on the frontlines.

The British managed to break the Enigma code during the war, and many argue that it helped win the war for the Allied. The story of the Enigma is known from several films, including ‘Immitation Game’ and ‘Enigma’.

Hear stories about Bornholm's military past

From the brutal battlefield at Dybbøl in 1864 to the Cold War and operations in Afghanistan. Bornholm’s soldiers and sailors have been in every Danish war since the Danish Kingom was formed.

At Bornholm’s Museum of Defence, visitors can learn more about the fascinating stories from the past. Among others, learn about two locals discovering Hitler’s secret super weapons or heard about the defection of Warsaw-Pact pilots.

Book a guided tours for groups

Book a guided tour for 600 DKK for up to 10 persons + regular entry fee per person. You can find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Our tour guides are experts in the island’s military history and offers a unique insight into the exhibitions and artefacts.

We required booking for our guided tours at least one day in advance.

Your visit helps fund the development of new exhibitions and our effort to preserve the many unique artefacts in our collection.

Within easy walking distance of the Cruise pier

Bornholm’s Defence Museum is just 15 min. (1km) on foot from Rønne Harbour and the cruise pier. The route to the museum leads through a forest path along the town’s beautiful cemetery.